The virtues of Abu Hurayrah RA


Funny? Halaal comedy? Marriage Seminar? I have reblogged this once again, a piece which I asked one of my Asaatizah to contribute to. I am angry and upset over the debacle that happened in Johannesburg ,firstly the Marriage seminar which blatantly tears down the order of Allah to have proper segregation between gender,preying on gullible souls who are desperate … Continue reading Funny? Halaal comedy? Marriage Seminar?

Leaves In The Wind. S2. Part Three

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem   Johara; I opened my mother's diary and some of her letter's fell out. I gingerly unfolded it. It was a letter,yellowed by time but the passion and depth of the words held strong,across the waves of time.  It was from Salim to my mother. Seema, I don't know if you want … Continue reading Leaves In The Wind. S2. Part Three

Leaves In The Wind. Season Two.2

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. I placed my letter down and sat on the floor next to my little desk. I pulled out two diaries,one belonged to my mother and the other to me. I absently caressed my leather bound one,my words poured out into it like an echo of my soul,pooling together till the weight of … Continue reading Leaves In The Wind. Season Two.2

Leaves In The Wind. Chapter 24

Johara I slammed the diary shut, could I read anymore? It was slowly unraveling my little heart. Who was this Saleem? My father's name was not Saleem, why was his name on most of the pages that I flipped through? Was this why my mother was always cold to my father? Didn't she know meeting … Continue reading Leaves In The Wind. Chapter 24

Leaves In The Wind.Chapter 23

The Diary Bimillahir Rahmanir Raheem Dear Diary, “ Seema, this is Suleman Saap.”  I turned around, trying to understand why my father was looking at me with such expectation. “Oh..kay.” I nodded and I could see my father colour up in annoyance.  “Ismail’s father.”  “Oh.” I mumbled as the penny dropped. Ismail was the son … Continue reading Leaves In The Wind.Chapter 23