Safar: Facts and Fiction — YasSarNalQuR’aN

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله Safar, the 2nd month of the Islamic Calendar, has commenced, alhamdulillaah. Quoting authentic references, I would like to dispel certain false beliefs and superstitious customs which are unfortunately found prevalent among some sections of Muslim society with regard to the month of Safar. Continue reading → via Safar: Facts … Continue reading Safar: Facts and Fiction — YasSarNalQuR’aN


Leaves In The Wind. Seema’s Diary. Take care my beloved.

Bismillah Seema. "Take care my beloved." I turned his words over and over in my mind, it felt like something tangible. Stained across my aching heart ,rather than the ink across the crumpled letter from him. My lifeline in the lonely long dark nights that stretched on or the sunshiny days that seemed dulled without … Continue reading Leaves In The Wind. Seema’s Diary. Take care my beloved.

The Unique Story of Abu Abdullah Al-Andalusi (RA)


For the intelligent, an indication is sufficient…Subhanallah, this story is filled with so many lessons for everyone. Please read it with the intention to learn the lessons from the life of Shaikh Abu Abdullah Al-Andalusi (RA), and also the character of his devoted and loyal students. I pray that Allah grants every reader the tawfeeq to benefit from this and to protect us all from any tests of this sort. Aameen.

Note: Since this is not a formal Arabic written entry, the rules of Arabic have not been enforced such as in the name of the Shaykh, etc.

In Baghdad, the seat of the Islamic State, was a pious saint by the name of Abu Abdullah Al-Andalusi. He was a well-known scholar and muhaddith and twelve thousand disciples sat at his feet. He knew thirty thousand ahadith by heart, and could recite the Quran in all the various modes of…

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Regarding Nouman Ali Khan- A tale of caution and lesson for us.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem   We have two enemies consistently with us, attacking us from every side, nafs- our own weaknesses and shaytan,the whisperer from the outside.  Nafs,our internal evil is more deadly than shaytan because it works so subtly. One of it's deathtraps is  causing us to think we are doing something good but there's … Continue reading Regarding Nouman Ali Khan- A tale of caution and lesson for us.

Have a spiritually beautiful Eid!

We are still on the 9th, we have today and tomorrow to gain maximum benefit of Allah loving these days. Don't forget to read Takbeer Tashreeq after every salaah as it is compulsory and it's a double whammy since tonight is the eve of Eid And Jumah,subhanAllah, know what that means? The doors of acceptance … Continue reading Have a spiritually beautiful Eid!

Leaves In The Wind.S2.Part Five

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem (Recap- Johara,now all grown up, is rediscovering her mother through her diary.) Johara. I traced the pattern on the pillow with my finger,almost reverently after Aunty had left my room. "Take this Johara. I hope soon a little head will be sleeping on what his grandmother made."  Aunty said with a soft … Continue reading Leaves In The Wind.S2.Part Five

Leaves In The Wind.S2.Part Four

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem "Johara?" I looked up from the letter with a shock,so lost in thought I had been.  "Jee ?"  "I'm going for taleem, are you coming,we're leaving in the next hour?"  "Yes, I'll be ready." I smiled at her,the lady I once thought would become my mother in law... After she left the … Continue reading Leaves In The Wind.S2.Part Four