Funny? Halaal comedy? Marriage Seminar?

I have reblogged this once again, a piece which I asked one of my Asaatizah to contribute to.

I am angry and upset over the debacle that happened in Johannesburg ,firstly the Marriage seminar which blatantly tears down the order of Allah to have proper segregation between gender,preying on gullible souls who are desperate for hope to heal their marriages or young souls who want to find a partner (and get ripped off for about R500-no refunds), why ? Why do we need more azaab in our lives? Whoever was endorsing it,doesnt silence that buried voice within that says… this is wrong…


Secondly,the filthy vitriol ,spilled out by a local “comedian”, mocking the Sahaabah Kiraam RA… what WAS that? Was he out of material for his set? Why was the Ilm arts festival a mixed affair? Do we know the meaning of “ilm”? His shameless drivel,to a woman in the audience,was disgusting to say the least.

When will we stop aping the west and put a unique stamp on what we do?  Comedy and festivals wont change a thing,till we change,till it’s done in a way that draws the blessing of Allah.

May Allah guide us,

Read Hayatus Sahabah. It will bring the flames of the love of RasulAllah SAW alive,because their stories were not written with pens but their very blood.

Those that laughed at the shameless jokes,shame on you.  Those that stood up,objected and walked out,well done. InshaaAllah next time,don’t attend such a gathering.

Image result for sahaba

When the whole world is vigilant in protecting their right to sin,should we not protect our right to be modest and pious?



3 thoughts on “Funny? Halaal comedy? Marriage Seminar?

  1. Allah protect us all. A twisted way of trying to ‘help’ marriages. By fitnah? Apparently next year they are planning on having it in Durban or Cape Town. InshaAllah that needs to be stopped…

  2. Exactly on point! We want to attend gatherings which draws the wrath of Allah then we want blessings in our marriages. And the worst part is ulama attended such gatherings! And the awaam take proof from that,as though their presence stamps “halaal” on the gathering. Sad state of the ulama of today as well.

  3. May ALLAAH protect us in this time and age where everything is calling us away from ALLAAH in the name of Deen and worse still our very people who are supposed to be guiding us to ALLAAH (Ulama) are in the forefront of these events. The time has come where we need to be very careful who we take our Deen from, may ALLAAH protect us all.

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