Leaves In The Wind. S2. Part Three

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem



I opened my mother’s diary and some of her letter’s fell out. I gingerly unfolded it. It was a letter,yellowed by time but the passion and depth of the words held strong,across the waves of time.  It was from Salim to my mother.


I don’t know if you want to hear from me. Or if you will want to know why I just dissapeared , without a word or trace. Have you ever felt like someone knocked the breath out of you? That’s how I felt from the time time I’ve met you, someone can say we are just strangers,it’s barely been a few days but all I know,is from the first time we had a proper conversation,all I keep thinking,is,this is the one. The one I want to grow old with,the one I want by my side,for always. I try to keep busy so I don’t feel that punch to my gut everytime I think of you or the distance between us.  I only left because knowing I cant be with you is killing me. 

I have met a wise old man,here in the  pretty little village in Swat with rivers and trees, I look at the scenery and it’s beautiful but there is something missing.. I wish you here ,travelling with me.

So the old man, something about his calmness made me confide in him, he said that I did the right thing by moving away because besides society and family not accepting our union, Allah Taala’s blessing will not be with a marriage that starts by His anger. His anger is with someone who is in a haraam relationship even if they are not doing anything ‘wrong’ , was it not just our conversation that caused our hearts to draw close,so close as if I have always known you…

Knowing that loving you is a sin,is something very difficult for me to digest and accept. But I don’t want to taint our future if we can ever have one.

There are only two options Seema.. forget about me…or marry me.  I’ll be waiting at the station,with your brother. I have already told him. At 4pm… If you come,you will make me the happiest person alive. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. dynamite786 says:

    I’m guessing her parents some how found out 🙈

  2. Muslim says:

    This relates to me so bad. Pleasing Allah is the best step you can take and you’ll be rewarded with something far greater and unbelievable. Sacrificing your desires and pleasures for the sake of Allah is your a sign of your love for Allah. I’m also patiently waiting for her to become mine the right way. Waiting at the station of sabr tawakkul.

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