The Growing Up Diaries.2. Lemons,Sisters and Dogs.


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Man. That was a tiring day. I pulled out my phone to snapchat my important life events that day, like gyming and sampling an amazing raibagel- a bagel in all the primary colours, although my very deep inner voice whispered that  it wasn’t exactly all that tasty except for how pretty it looked but as I pressed send on my snapchat and acted like a dog with no tongue control,I would never admit that on a public platform. Hell no.

“So you’re telling the world again about your super exciting life ? Why do you need to look like a dog? Thats just disgusting. And creepy. Near the time of qiyamah, peoples forms will change into animals,but youre choosing to look like one”  Nabeela drawled as I jumped. “Dude, there’s a door for knocking.”

“Why do you have to act like you’re all lit and happening when you can’t even get your act together? Or is that how it flies on instagram ? All pretense of everything is better and funner than it actually is?”

I rolled my eyes. “That’s not even a word. But you won’t get it Nabeelarex.”

“Yeah yeah,  A real Muslim lives a genuine life. An authentic one, not behind a camera and doesn’t have time to show off. Can you imagine the Sahaba snapchatting, Would they have gotten to be the heroes they are if they were living such a… mundane,second hand life?if all the people who put up posts on Deen,actually utilised that time in actual ibadat, we wouldnt have lost Palestine.”

“Astaghfirullah, youre talking nonsense now.”

“So it wasn’t ok for them Salma? But okay for us?”

“Well those were Sahaba RA, Nabs. It was a different time. Things are hectic now..if you don’t keep up, you’re poof … gone like a .. like an old  vine post..”

Nabeela looked at me stiffly. “ You even use social media as metaphors! I give up!”

“Don’t give up on me Nabs… because…”

She turned to me with a softened expression.


“Because if you do… I won’t have anyone to take me down to the mall.”

The door shut on my face. Bleugh. Sometimes I think shes adopted. Or my mother ate too many lemons when she was expecting her.

Maybe she Was right. Maybe I did need to get my act together.

I pulled out my phone.

And typed in…  How To Get A Life.


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