Bi’ismihi Taala

InshaaAllah, new posting schedule.

Either on a Sun or Mon- a Leaves in the wind post will go out. (This is a more serious ,dramatic blog based on true events with a sweeping saga setting)

On a Wed or Thurs-a Growing up Diary entry will go out and on a Saturday, we will have a guest post. (A more light hearted account of a “girl” trying to change and become the adult..she actually is?)

When I do get a chance to post extra, I will do so inshaaAllah.


Remember me in your duas and make dua Allah accept whatever is written as a means of goodness and change. Ameen.


Do not forget to read our dua,now that Rajab has begun… two months to go!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. dynamite786 says:

    Yay two posts a week

  2. Haalah says:

    So so glad to have you back. And to have u bak and posting regularly? words cant explain the happiness

    1. Wow! JazakAllah ! your enthusiasm is contagious<3, regular posting is the plan inshaaAllah!

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