Leaves In The Wind.Chapter 5



“Who…who did that?!” I exclaimed as the cold snowball hit my back.

“Zulfikr!  How could you do that to her?” Ilyaas asked Zulfikr with an outraged expression.

Zulfikr just shook his head,stooped and picked up a handful of snow and threw it Ilyaas. “That’s  for false accusations.” I laughed&picked up more snow to aim at them,but Ilyaas ducked and it hit my father who was directly behind him on the balcony. Ilyaas laughingly apologised but Zulfikr&I were mortified,we both  had the same earnest respect for our parents.

With a mortified face,Zulfikr scolded Ilyaas.

“Uncle,please,maaf kijeh ,otherwise,lifetime bayaan from our buzurg here.”  My father just smiled and shook his head. “It’s okay beta,but  as punishment ,you have to make a nice cup of chai. Johara,please get the table set.”


“Best tea ever Uncle?” Ilyaas asked hopefully. “Not at all.” My father replied,deadpan&we all laughed.

“Children,look at this field of melting snow… do you know what dua Nabi  SAW used to make?Living in a desert,the dua alone was proof that he was certainly a Nabi  of Allah Paak.”

“What  was the dua Uncle?”

“O Allah! Wash away my sins with the water of snow and hail, and cleanse my heart from all the sins as a white garment is cleansed from the filth. “

“SubhanAllah, what a beautiful description.” Zulfikr marvelled.

“It’s true…  sins darkens our hearts…  sometimes to the extent that we feel no guilt over it anymore. “ Ilyaas said so quietly,  I almost didn’t hear him.

“I remember an Alim saying,that snow has the quality of cooling and sins create heat,especially the sin of haraam,illicit relationships, so, we ask Allah to cool our hearts with snow& hail,turns into water &water is a cleanser.  So  our hearts become a plain of white ,pure fields again.No matter how darkened with sin.”

“Or negligence.” Murmured Ilyaas&went inside to fetch more tea.

My mother who was sitting quietly, hummed a poem as …

Your life lays before you,like a field of driven snow, be careful,for every  step will show.

Zulfikr looked at her sideways,wondering if she was hinting at him.But she was lost in her own world.

Suddenly,she turned to me and ruffled  my hair&my heart leapt,for the moments where my mother showed me affection,were far and few.  “Chalo,Johara, let’s go inside? I want to show you something,leave the men to talk.”

But as soon as we went inside,she gave me a box of toys& closed her room door.

My eyes stung with unshed tears,a closed heart,behind a closed door.

All I wanted,was to be anywhere else. How soon that was to happen.


Dua  below.



2 thoughts on “Leaves In The Wind.Chapter 5

  1. This post actually made me question how much time I give my kids. Kids need love and affection more than any material thing of this world. Jzk khair for another enlightening chapter, ukhti!👍

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