New story,interested?

So,I was browsing through my LT&found this one episode story that had gotten scribbled in a rush,years back.

Not sure if it should continue though or be a post Eid read/treat.Please excuse the rough edges,as  it  wasn’t edited.



Palestine. The heartbeat of the Ummah. The land given to us by Umar Bin Khattab RA. The land that would tie three strangers into the tapestry of each other’s life.


1 September 2014 Canada- 8pm

(In an untidy room that can pass as a broom closet)

I pull the camera closer. Now That was a whopper of a video! I just knew my fans would love it.

Just to do the sign off part and edit the thing before I upload it on Youtube. I can hear someone heading to my room,oh man!

(bang bang bang)

“Yes Mamaaa! I’m opening the door for goodness sake. You KNOW I’m like recording now! Why always disturb! And stop looking at me like I’m chicken soup for the dogs soul!”

“Zaid, why always talk nonsense ya walad? This stupid camera is important? This youtube bootube? Is this a job?is this studying? Is this how you will make money? You can’t even make your bed. Like a hobo lives here, ihfaznee!”

While I put my spaced out face for my mum so she’ll stop preaching me, I realise that she’s given me fodder for my next video! The fans love vids about Mums for some reason.

“Mama, I am so so sorry, Yalla you want a hug?” I ask humbly

She eyes me suspiciously and turns around shutting the door so hard that it almost comes off the hinges. I count to 10. She makes it back before I reach 7. Bingo. I love my mom even though she make me cray-cray.

“Zaid! You make me forget what I came for, I want you to take this parcel of food to Uncle Saleh…he…he lost his mother in the air strikes…”Mama trails off with sorrow in her voice.




Meanwhile across the Atlantic, under the English sky.

“Are you going to sit here,gazing into thin air and pretend that you’re being constructive?” Asks my irritatingly intellectual cousin Hafsa. Why couldn’t she go back to South Africa already?

I just wanted to enjoy the last moments of the day as the sun dipped behind the distant hills and made everything glow. “I wish the sunset would last just a bit longer, everything looks so beautiful right now innit” I tell her.

“Just like the dunya…all so pretty but only for such a short while.” She murmurs

Gosh, this buzzkill! I turn to glare at her but notice her distracted gaze at the scenery and her lips moving silently.

“Are you going mad finally clever girl yeah?” I sincerely enquire.

“To your disappointment…nopes. Just look at the this beauty Nas,imagine how beautiful the Creator of such beauty must be.SubhanAllah”

She says it so genuinely that for a moment I too am mesmerised.I hear that SubhanAllah echo softly within my mind.

“you know Nas…right now? The angels are getting ready to close up our book for the day…and we have to choose something good to end our day with and something good to start the next book with.” She says

“like what?” I ask

“Like zikr..the Quran tells us to praise Allah at the end of the day…that’s Our sundowner” She smiles at me. “And starting the next book with Maghrib salaah because the greatest zikr is salaah.”

I look at her…once I was like this…Even stronger. And now…just because of two stupid incidents..okay make that three…wait let’s see..

“Stop counting in your head Nas.” Hafsa elbows me and laughs. “Yes! You Are that transparent.Come on let’s get home sharp before Maghrib”

I hesitate. “Don’t drive that way…I think I…I saw…”

Hafsa throws my duffel in the back of our Mini. “ yes…I know you’re heartbroken …I’d never do that to you. By the way can I interest you in a falafel?”

My eyes light up.


Hafsa rolls her eyes. “So heartbroken but a falafel can stop the pain!”


Palestine. Jerusalem. Outside Musjidul Aqsa.

“ Stop!” The heavily armed guard barks.

‘Yeah,yeah.’ I know the drill.

‘Where are you going?’ he asks dumbly. I’m five steps away from entering the Musjid courtyard. Where else can I be going Isreali, I think.

‘To the Musjid’. I say calmly.

‘you cant go,turn around.’ He spits at me,throwing my identity book at me.

Just another day in the life of a Palestinian.

I close my eyes,read zikr as my mother taught me to,whenever I wanted to lash out. I heard her in my mind.

‘Huzaifah…make zikr,take Allah’s name. It will strengthen you and weaken shaitan who Wants to see you angry.’

‘okay I wont go’ I say in pretend meekness to the dog,  I mean soldier. Who thinks he scored one over me as he smiles wolfishly at his fellow machines(soldiers).

But my smile is bigger. I was anticipating this. I shake out my musalla and spread it 5 steps away from the entrance of the Haram.

Ya Rabb, I did what I could. I wanted to read here. They stopped me.You reward me in full.

“Allahu Akbar” I lift my hands to my ears,starting the conversation with my Rabb.

And the soldier who taught he got rid of me,turns around and his venemous gaze locks on me.

The End.

Special mention- to OT,who has been an ardent&correct supporter of the fact that it is the revival of the Sunnah,that will liberate  Al-Quds.



4 thoughts on “New story,interested?

  1. Salaam it’s been a month already. Can we plz have the next part to the story. It’s beginning is brilliant. Shukran☆

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