If only you knew,Part 6

BISMILAHIR RAHMANIR RAHEEMALLAH AZZA WA JALL created us as the most noble of all His creation and in the best shape and form,only us did He deem fit to possess intelligence and acute wisdom and hearts that beat with every sort of emotion.

Definitely We created Man in the best of forms… ( Surah Teen)

The ability to soar higher than the angels spiritually, and when we sink lower and lower into sin, against logic and intelligence and spoil our beauty and form with using ourselves as vehicles of sins,we fall into the…

…lowest of the low.

When we choose to chase what is fleeting, what can give us short term happiness, whether halaal or haraam, how foolish are we. How foolish am I.

I shuddered.

I have come so in my journey to Allah, I had witnessed the death of my closest ones, yet I had not altered my path.

The darkness of my sins have left me feeling hopeless,unable to see that I was still being called night after night… to wake up…

Just once.

Stand up.

Remove the cosy duvet.

Wash my sins away with wudhu.

And answer His beautiful invite.

Is there anyone seeking anything ,so I may give it to him? 

When last did I raise my hands after salaah and talk to Him? Instead my disloyal hand reaching out for my phone,to find the latest updates…

Sorrow upon sorrow, that I have sold my Tomorrow for stupidity, instead of sending forward at least an Astaghfirullah for infinity,

like my Nabi SAW did everyday while he was sinless and I  under the weight of my sins, remain careless.


Without You,

I am nothing.

Without You,

I find no hope to go on.

The 1st of Shabaan was already onto the second, how could I end this day differently so that my right scale would stop feeling so empty and bare?

“Let’s do this.” She said.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single, sincere Astaghfirullah.”

The past with it’s pain and pleasure,all eased away and wounds closed,just by stepping towards Him.

The future beckons brightly with it’s promise of love ,hope and mercy .

If only I knew,If only I knew.












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