If only you knew. Part 5


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

“Hey…go easy on the make-up or you’ll end up looking like a troll’s wife.” I cautioned her.
“I already did that… be a troll’s wife.” She replied with a side grin and we burst into laughter.
I shook my head. It was good to see the funny side of life always. It made pain easier to bear and even better was that she had good people around her ,her family and friends who were there to rally her and cheer her down,even to kick her when needed.
But most of all I knew she needed me. And I was struggling to be there for her.
She needed me to step up. Shake off my lethargy, my coiling away from her and my continuous silent put downs and the understood expectation from me, that anything she tried, would fall flat like a half bottle of soda.
Sometimes when you see someone in a certain light for so long, it’s easy to make them see themselves like that too.
We can be people who raise others or pull them down. Choose.
“Deep thoughts hmm.” She smiled tentatively.
“Yup, you know… i think you’re fabooloos” I said putting on a dodgy accent.
“Are you convincing yourself or me?” She laughed a little ruefully.
“You’re not perfect but you’re fabulous ,seriously. Stop selling yourself short, stop looking in the mirror and seeing faults,look at the positives. You don’t need to cake yourself in contouring to be beautiful, you just are. Accept you. Believe the things you want to do,Can work out. InshaAllah.”
She looked astounded.
At some point I thought of all her positives, so everything I said,rang sincerely.
In a low voice, I read an ayah that came to mind…
“La qad khalaqnal insaana fi ahsani taqweem…” “We have created mankind in the best of forms.”
Who were we to deny the status and acknowledgement and affirmation of Our Master?
She needed to stop caring about the scars on her. Inside and out. Her maker looked at her the best.
“summa radadnahu asfal saafileen.”
“then we return him(mankind) to the lowest of the low.”……
Ahh… yes…
To be continued.
Posts. Every Sunday InshaaAllah. Till further notice.


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