Once again…

Asalamu alaikum,

Dear Readers,

It has been 3 months…  and this blog has fallen into that sinkhole where blogs go to ‘rest’.

At some point, typing and editing seemed too much of an effort. Personal milestones distracted me and somehow this blog got waylaid.

However, the other day, while clearing out my bookshelf, the book that inspired this blog, fell into my hands. It was a synopsis of “In the hearts of Green Birds”, written by Doctor Abdullah Azzaam AR, who so beautifully said,

The history of Islam is not written by the ink of the scholars but by the blood of the martyrs. 

This isn’t my story to tell, it’s the story of heroes, in whose realm we live, who were ordinary as us but became something great, when the direction of their hearts turned higher onwards and upwards.

So inshaaAllah, here we go again.

Along with something very different.

Watch this space.

JazakAllah Khair.


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