Two Drops,Chapter 26. The 3 Moroccans-Part One



I was at the apartment Shaykh Azzaam was at with a few of the youngsters who had come to meet him in secret,  I was allowed to let Victor in on this momentous gathering and right on time,came his knock.

“Hey come in Vic, you wanted to meet Shaikh Azzaam again before we leave? “

“definitely ,I came running as soon as Jen took Carl to her mum’s. Isn’t he busy,Azzaam? With those journalists?”

Muhammad Al Mushtaq smiled at Vic.”No no, you can come in…the ahem you know who…is allowing us to remain all the time in the company of Shaikh Azzaam under the pretence of journalism… that’s my friend there Hasan Walafee and I’m Muhammad Al- Mushtaq.”

“And what about me! “ Tayyib, the third musketeer, entered the room while intros were being made.

“Sorry! You were in the bathroom… I couldn’t introduce you while you were there! This is my good friend Tayyib.” Muhammad elbowed him.

Hasan and Muhammad were in their early twenties were the epitome of character and good manners. They were from Morocco and had immigrated to America together with Tayyib. In the wake of Shaikh Azzaam’s visit, the best friends felt an awakening of the spirit of the falcon within them. The thirst for jihad was ignited within them until it became a consuming flame.

“So are you one of the American guys from the CIA giving money for the Jihad?” Asked in his usual straightforward fashion while I shook my head.

“err no. Not that I have much to spare.” Vic laughed

“It is a myth that American money is funding this Jihad… there’s much more to it than a donation of cash, I get really angry when people say the dollar is helping us win this war…we were fighting this war for years without Any outside support…and don’t ever think a dollar is handed over without these guys benefiting…” I murmured.


I remember those three boys clearly today. There are some with whom our lives intersect for just a short while,but the footprints of the character leave a path in your heart,for an  eternity.

Let me tell you about these 3 boys,like how Umair related it to me…

There are some who worship other deities besides Allah they love them as they should love Allah, whereas the believers are strong in love for Allah. If those who are unjust could visualize (the Day of Judgement) when they will see the chastisement, they would come to know for sure that all powers belong to Allah and that Allah is stern in retribution. (surah 2;Ayah165)

Flashback;The story of Hasan,Muhammad &Tayyib of Morocco, after they arrived in America.

Hasan nudged Tayyib…  “wake up”

Tayyib groaned and rolled over.

Hasan “ Come now it’s fajr time”

Muhammad entered the room. “sprinkle some water on him Hasan.”

“what the hell! Leave me alone! Idiots how dare you do that!” Tayyib shouted,his eyes puffy and red.

 “Whoever prays the dawn prayer [Fajr], then He is under Allah’s protection.  So beware, O son of Adam, that Allah doesn’t call you to account for being absent from His protection for any reason.” [Muslim]

Later,much later, Hasan was doing the dishes. When Tayyib finally broke the silence.  “What??”

“I didn’t say anything.” Hasan replied evenly.

“You’re looking at me with those puppy eyes all sad because this sinner cant wake up for Fajr, its not that I don’t want to…I just can’t wake up.”

Hasan; “If your house was on fire, would you wake up?”


Hasan; Then don’t leave your akhirat on fire…


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