Being Muslim in the time of Halloween.


We are Muslims,

That means being free,

from the slavery of Western ideology.

Who want us to be clones of their customs,

carving pumpkins and trick n’ treating

we are feasting.

Pretend to be ghouls, yet let a real jinn approach,

the howls,

will not cease

we’ll run for a taweez

hurriedly read a sacred ayah,

if only we realised the foolishness of the things we mire,

ourselves in.

Wasting money in a time of international bloodshed.


Spiralling economy,

It’s time to stop the slavery.

Save the pumpkin, waste not,

eat with khuri kitchri.


One thought on “Being Muslim in the time of Halloween.

  1. Eat with khuri kitchri! What a treat that is!

    Its so sad to see how we muslims partake in the festivals of the non muslims. Celebrating halloween was unheard of in the muslim community and more so because of its close links to paganism. But now anything goes,all in the name of fun.

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