Asalamu alaikum,

In the interim of this blog going on break and rebooting, I have lost two close family members. Accounting for the break in posting. What consoles the heart, is the peaceful way they both left this world, without sickness and taking the name of Allah Taala.

A lesson for us is, that death is not something to be feared,for it is not the opposite of life but a part of it. It is the bridge to a new life. And we all have to work to that end that has to come to claim us.

The heart will Definitely grieve and tears will fall, their absence will be sorely felt at times, giving sadaqah on their name, reading for them and looking after their loved ones, eases the heart’s ache inshaAllah.

We have to consider if all that appeals to us is the glitz and allure of the world or going simple is something that we enjoy. May Allah give me the taufeeq to practice on all i said.

May Allah Taala accept this blog as a means of turning the compass of our hearts away from the dunya to the akhirah.Ameen.

Will update the next chapter later inshaAllah.

Request for duas for those i have lost.


3 thoughts on “Notice.

  1. Assalaamualaykum
    May Allah grant jannatul firdose to those who have passed away and sabrun jameel to the families.
    How fortunate are those who have been blessed with an enviable death. May Allah takes us with Iymaan and at a time when He is pleased with us. Aameen

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