2 Drops -Chapter 16- Season Two Begins. Sting like a bee.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

( For the timeline of the story and what’s it’s inspiration, please go to the about section. In Season Two, we’re going back in time to Victor’s youth and will move forward from there again, inshaAllah. 2Drops is based on real life events and people but in a fictional format.For everyone who wants to get to know modern day Muslim heroes and wants to tread their path inshaAllah.)

Chapter 1- 8 were the parts prior to this. In case of confusion.

VICTOR. America 2001.

Alex turned to me with speculative eyes after watching Bush drawl his ‘historic’ speech against terror. I remembered our conversation even now. A conversation that would change all our lives. Sometimes all we need is a heart with ears.

Alex; I still don’t get why they had kids flying kites in the background as Bush made the declaration of war…it doesn’t make sense

Vic; And kids are not even allowed to play there ,it’s not a park…we just have to see what mind games the government is playing…there’s something sinister going on with that…mark my words…. (scary sound effects)

Alex; How can flying kites be sinister? I know the timing is off…hey Victor… I I wanted to say sorry about what I said yesterday about Alex, that you killed your own son… that was outta line,sorry..

Victor; I wont lie it hurt…dont ever tell someone else something like that again… there’s so much you don’t know Alex…so much…  goodnight.

That night I slept fitfully, tossing and turning and again he came to me though I tried to ward him off… a haunting of my past…

John; Victor don’t go! Dont go! They’ll turn you into a monster like they did to me! ….Victor!!

John’s voice cracked with pain and terror. I stretched my hands towards him, hoping to comfort him…

Vic; I wont let them do that to me John, it’s okay bro. Calm down, John what’s this! Why is there blood all over you? John!!!nooo!!!


Alex; Victor! Victor wake up!

Victor; Oh my Goodness , where am I??

Alex; You here in my house…here have some water, damn that must have been some bad dream, you look like you saw a monster…

Vic; don’t say that word

Alex; Hey why are you shaking like that

Vic; I need to get outside fast… I need air!

Alex; How are you feeling? Night air do you any good?

Vic; Yup yup, thanks for coming with me. These panic attacks make it hard for me to stay indoors for too long, thats why I was happiest when I was in Afghanistan…outdoors most of the time

Alex; oh yes…after you left Carl’s mum… Damn those terrorist Afgahni’s

Vic; Dont say that Alex… Think logically…there’s no proof  yet the Muslims are going to suffer unnecessarily now

Alex; Why are you concerned about them? I have no respect for anyone that takes lives of innocent people who did nothing to them, in the name of religion too!

Vic; Alex… reality isn’t what the government and media feeds you. We the ordinary people are just like flies to them. They use us and discard us for their  games of power..like what they did to us in Vietnam… this is going to be another Vietnam…no doubt

Alex; But didn’t we not exactly win the war in Vietnam?

Vic; Yes and they will never win the war in Afghanistan… do you know the Afghans? I remember my Afghan friend so well, Umair Jal…what a man! Nothing has tamed the Afghans except Islam and they will die smiling for their religion, I also don’t doubt that they never did it or are okay with it because they don’t lie,unlike our government

Alex; Are you saying that our government is lying to us about Bin Laden and the Taliban?

Vic; Yes.

Alex; Are you bat crazy?!! Why would they do that? thanks to the government your sons killers and those that support them will be punished

Vic; Punished for what Alex? Where’s the proof? For the murder of one person a court case takes upto 5 years sometimes and here they decided that Osama, who denied involvement in it, did it? And in two weeks you bomb an entire country? No …America needs it bogeyman and Osama has been selected to frighten the masses so that we become dumb, deaf and blind to our government’s sins

Alex; Oh my God! Are you saying that the American government killed their own people in the 9/11 attacks?  that they orchestrated it??

Vic; I didn’t say that did I? But I Wouldn’t rule it out… after all they did it before… before you say anything…let me tell you a story,… when I was about 5years old…one day my Dad took me to a takeaway …there were a few afro American guys at the counter ordering food

(  back in time)

SEASON TWO begins.

White assistant; Out! No blacks allowed here, you have a cheek coming in when there’s a clear sign saying so

Victors dad; Hey do you know who that is?

White guy; a dirty nigger

Victors dad; That’s Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight champion, he won a gold medal for America in the Olympics

White guy; I don’t care, I aint serving them dirty niggers

Victor; That’s when I saw racism and American double standards.

Surah Hujuraat:A13

O mankind!

We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that you may despise each other)Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you

And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).”

Victor; Muhammad Ali said that he threw his Olympic medal in the Ohio river after this because of his encounter with racism. Perhaps it was this that lead him to search for inner peace and to leave the passive acceptance of Christianity. He became Muhmmmad Ali ,the hero of America,king of the ring. He couldn’t go anywhere without being mobbed by hundreds The people and press went crazy over….this new champ.

When he accepted Islam…the so called officials weren’t very happy. Although his Islamic beliefs were wrong initially, he later changed it to correct aqeedah.

Match after match was won and a heavyweight championship was set up,if he won it ,there was a river full of money in it. But there were obstacles.

White guy; Ali we were thinking maybe you were too hasty about becoming Muslim? Maybe you want to leave it before your upcoming match…they’re thinking that if you don’t want to go back to being Cassius Clay,a Christianas you were , then maybe this fight Won’t happen… and don’t you need the money?’


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