Notice- Blog not active till post Ramadhan.

Alhamdulilah this balm for broken heart,this hope for sinners and this mercy for the Ummah has arrived.


InshaAllah we put away our phones and open our Quraans. We can always read blogs, tweet, whatsapp but will we get another Ramadhan?

Try and leave whatsapp groups our Ulamaa advice if you can’t leave it totally. Forwarding messages is not our job, doing active ibadath is.

The veiwpoint of Nadia is not mine. Alot of research went into it and inshaAllah i will reveal it after Ramadhan.

Please forgive me, and please,please make dua for me and my loved ones, especially my beloved little nephew who is in hospital for a while and my sister to retain the courage to look after him and still enjoy her Ramadhan.

Ilal liqaa. No more posts till after Ramadhan. InshaAllah.

A special request for duas for hidayath,isitiqamath,salamat,the taufeeq to practice what i say and write and death on Imaan. I will remember all the readers too inshaAllah



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