Chapter 15 Two Drops. End of Season One.


Sulaiman: Afghanistan, Yagman.

The cold morning chipped at my reddened nose. I had just completed the fajr salaah and was gazing at the mountains reading tasbih Fathimi. How I appreciated being able to read Salaah in a group, 25 times superior to reading alone. Prior to this, I would be lazy and go if the Musjid was just a hop away, now after being imprisoned, I relished it like some who savour a rich dessert. Now matter how far I walked, I knew every foot step in the path of Allah was precious. It was the first of Ramadhan. It went a long way to help me block out my escape from prison, perhaps one day I will let my mind wander again. For now I was just making shukr to be again amongst the Mujaahideen. What did I come here for and what do I year for now… SubhanAllah. The Taliban had conquered Yagman, involuntarily the Takbeer rose up like a tide of appreciation and escaped my lips “ALLAHU AKBAR!” I heard the mountains echo… and the smiles of my comrades. True Mujaahideen, who wanted to be like the Sahaba and fulfill their pledge with Allah by exchanging our lives for His pleasure. How sweet is this month Allah, that I feel a hundred replies say Labbaik when I whisper Allah once…

Hammaad: Madinatul Munawwarah

I had woken up one morning to recieve the horrifying news that paralyzed my heart for a moment. Nadia had dissapeared. Her parents woke up one morning to find that her bed was empty. Ya Ilaahi!

Was it because of me that she ran away? If I carried on chatting to her, would she have stayed? Is she safe? This kept on haunting me till I spoke to Shaykh. He told me that using haraam to “save” someone from their own choices, is wrong. Its shaitans trap. Oh but how easy it is to fall in it.

Then I got the message via underground contacts that Nadia had been hanging out with a girl named Suhayla..that had been recruiting for ISIS. I was tormented thinking of what can happen to a young girl all alone and without a clue.

The very fact that ISIS allows females to join them without a mahram, says that they are not on Haqq. I know I’m not the most pious dude but still… respect a woman. Why tear her away from her family without permission and brand them as kaafir because you want her to turn away from them.

Two drops fell silently on my cheek. Nadia, May Allah guide you to what is right and protect you, ameen. Now i had to leave her thoughts behind, pulling out the last tendrils of attachment from my heart.

I who was so astray, who did every sin, who was lost in darkness and ghaflath, am standing infront of the door of the Musjid of my Nabi Sallalahu Alaihi wa sallam.

I limped into the Musjid…the burden of my sins weighing me down. I have come home, I have come to find peace.


It was my 12th Ramadhan in Guantanamo Bay. The human spirit knows such endurance that I cannot even fathom. How many around the world are jailed, locked, caged, in dungeons,forgotten, like me? Do you remember I’m human like you? Oh Ummat of Nabi SAW, do you keep me in your duas while you pray this Ramadhan? Please do. “Allahu Akbar” The Imam says and we all raise our hands behind him. Tarawih, 20 rakaats united in our cages, nothing will stop us from spiritually running to our Rabb even though physically we cannot move.

Fafirro illAllah, InaHu yaghfiruz zunoobah jameeah. Flee(Run) to Allah, Indeed HE will forgive sins,all of it.

All of it.

Abdul Fattaah Victor Smith: America

I switched off my phone. This wasn’t the month to sit on social media obsesssively, even though I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It ate up into my time until I found 2hours slipped by. I opened the Quran and felt like I was opening a letter from my Beloved. This is the month of the Quran, the month of charity. I could sit and argue with zionists online about how horrid they are but I can make more of a difference by sitting on my musalla (or anywhere) and pray for the Palestinians and the rest of the suffering ummah.

Every good action has a ripple.

Every abstinance from bad, lights your Imaan.

I have seen much as a war journo, but there was a new enemy that was killing the Ummah softly that was destroying us because we don’t consider it as our enemy. Social media.

Will it control us or we control it this Ramadhan?

Nadia: Turkey.

I recalled the morning I quietly opened my parents room door to look at them for the last time. I almost didn’t make it out of the house. I felt the hugest lump in my throat and found it tough to smile at Suhayla even though she did so much for me.

I was on the border and about to finally make it to the other side to Daulah(Iraq). My heart was frantic in it’s beat. What if I got caught? I didnt want to lose this chance to make a fresh start and make my mark on the world.

Umm Baraah beckoned me over.

“Nadia…in 3minutes exactly you will start to cross the border, waiting on the other side is your husband.”



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