Chapter 14 -Nadia


I thought over the past few weeks which threw me into a loop. I was deciding what to do with Suhayla’s suggestion that I join ISIS.

My heart still had that dull ache thinking of Hammad walking away from me so easily.

Then the emptiness that followed. The rage and hurt and confusion.

Until I put away the chips and chocolate consolation prizes I awarded myself. Enough was enough.

I needed to get off the couch and Do something.

And in my spring cleaning frenzy that ensued, that was how I found Zayn’s letter from Victor. I wish I could speak to him but I don’t really know him. He held so many answers.

But that line in the letter…

what will You do to make up for the years wasted in sin?

That sealed the deal for me.

I picked up the phone.

“Asalama alaikum…Suhaylah? I’m ready. I’m ready to do it.”

Iraq, land of true deen and the khilaafah which will free the suffering Muslims, here I come.


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