Chapter 13- Two Drops

Bismillahir Rahamanir Raheem

“Rabbi I have forgotten every path,save the way to Your door.” Ali Wafaa

What is it that makes someone give up everything to choose a path that’s spearate from the rest of the world?

When someone finally crumbles to their knees in pain, perhaps betrayed by the one he or she loved or an idea that turned out to be a lie, some might think their life is over.Not I. I believe that, my story, no matter how good or bad it may get, is never over till my Author decides to end it.

And so I carry on to try and write a better day to make up for those days that I lost in the darkness of sin and kufr.

There is an area in Iraq called Musannah, did you hear of it? An entire province. Do you know how it got it’s name? I often hear the names of Zaid RA, Khalid RA, Ikramah RA and Musannah in the songs of Jihad and although I know of the 3 great Companinions of RasulAllah SAW, I decided to find out who was this Musannah.

Zayn, I know you’re probably yawning at this point 🙂 but listen carefully my nephew… ( p.s do you still introduce yourself as Zayn, the one direction I follow is the Qiblah?) That still makes me laugh.

Anyways…lift away the curtains on time and go back to when our beloved Nabi SAW had lost two of his staunchest supporters, his beloved wife, Khadijah Kubra RA and his uncle Abu Talib. One after another in quick succession. Can we even imagine his grief?

The people of Makkah were still merciless towards him and their hearts were hard against his da’wah,call to Islam.

Similar is our condition when we become so involved in sin, we become numb to it’s evil and justify it too and thus our hearts close to nur.

Nabi SAW Walk,yes Walks all the way to Ta’if, (check the distance on google maps) and they reject him and make fun of him. So will people do to us when we want to walk the right path. The people of Ta’if they line up and pelt Nabi SAW with stones until he bleeds, our hearts must ache thinking of this as Muslims. His shoes became clogged with blood. He doesn’t allow that blessed blood to touch the ground,why? because if the blood of a Nabi is spilled on a ground, Allah Ta’aala will not leave those people responsible for it.

He is injured,bleeding exhausted emotionally and physically and he SAW makes this dua…

Oh Allah, I acknowledge my lack of power (Allahumma Ini Ashku ilayka Da’fa Quwati, wa qillata heelati, wahawanana ala al-Nas, wa in lam yakum bika 3alaya ghudub, fala ubali) “And Oh Allah, as long as You are not upset with me, If I am on the truth, I don’t care what happens.”

As long as You are not upset with me…. I don’t care what happens… This is something take and write on your heart Zayn.

The time of Hajj comes and Nabi SAW along with the best of all men after the Ambiyaa AS, go from tribe to tribe, Abu Bakr Sideeq RA, to give them da’wah and gain their assistance.

Every single one rejects him.

Abu Bakr RA takes Nabi SAW to the Bani Shaybaan, a powerful tribe who had 3 leaders, all of whom acknowledged the greatness of deen of Islam once Nabi SAW spoke to them about it. The 3rd leader was a man called, Musanna Bin Harith and he tells Nabi SAW

“Oh brother of Quraysh, You have said awesome things, and it is indeed good. But, we are between 2 places, Arabia, and the Persians, and the Persians are much stronger than you are today. And I sense that that which you call for, Kings and people in high positions will hate. And I see that you will one day seek to attack the Persians, and we have a treaty with them. And we can protect you from the arab side, but not from the furs(Persian) side.”

Nabi SAW goes away once again without the acceptance and support of the people.

Carry on doing good even if no one acknowledges it. We’re doing it for Allah alone.

The years pass and Musannah gets the news of all the battles off Islam until the news on everyones lips- The conquest of Makkah reaches him. Surely what Nabi SAW spoke to him that fateful day was true. His two fellow leaders are dead, so he gathers his tribe and asks them to accept Imaan.

But his hesitation to do what was right cost him the chance to be amongst the galaxy of the brightest stars- The Sahaba RA

He accepted Islam 3 months after the death of Nabi SAW. However, he would fight in jihaad so bravely and without thought for himself, why?

In order to make up for him not accepting Islam when he was given dawat to it, in order to please Nabi SAW when he will stand at his Qabr and meet him at Hashr.

When we make tauba and shed the burden of our sins, we must try to Make up for our years of doing wrong. Make up for it with good actions and good akhlaaq, by going out and inviting to Allah and speaking the truth , by putting your hand into the hands of the pious so that they may guide you to the love of Allah Ta’aala.

If we don’t have Allah, what do we have? Nothing.

Spend less time online and more with the speech of Allah. If your heart doesn’t change, come fight with me Zayn.

Make tasbih Fatimi after every salaah and ayatul kursi. Who are we to leave it out when the pious held fast to it?

You are young, and the flames of youth often burn with haraam love, if you make taubah and let it go, Allah will bring someone better to you the halaal way or return it to you the halaal way. Until then ,make sabr and give the heart and body to the flames of Divine love.

What will you do to make up for all your years?

I feel that life will change, I have this 6th sense, i don’t know how but I hope whatever happens, will never cause us to be estranged. Somewhere somehow, all our stories are entetwined and begin with Umair and I.

p.s ( enjoy the chocolates and share them with your family, try not eat the whole box up like the last time!)

The wounds of time all heal when placed in the hands of our Rabb, i find my rest and solace only laying down at Your door.

Rabbi I have forgotten all paths, save the path to Your door…

It is not easy yes, but you will find your wings once you close the door on sin and rise up as a soldier of Allah, Ameen

Always and forever yours, Abdul Fattah Victor Smith

Ilall liqaa.

And the letter fell from Nadia’s shaking hand.

This was where all her answers lie.


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