Asking for maaf tonight

Tonight should not be wasted in sending texts and making calls asking for maaf, do it now before sunset. Neither should the whole night be spent or the only ibadat be listening to a bayaan.

Please let’s abstain from social media tonight to connect completly with Allah Azza Wa Jall.

Lastly I sincerely ask for maaf for whatever was written here that upset anyone. And I humbly request for duas, deeply in need of every dua.

You are in mine.

Read salaah with jama’ah for men.
Ladies should read Esha early.


If tired,listen to a bayaan for a ruhani boost, if still tired sleep and wake up around 3:30-4am or so and engage in dua and tahajjud etc

May Allah accept all our efforts.

Don’t forget the people of Burma,Guantanamo Bay, Palestine,Syria,Afghanistan,Bagram and all our suffering Muslim brothers and sisters, in our duas.

For our hearts to be guided and united. Ameen


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