5 day 5 pic challenge- Advertise Or ?


She turned and tossed fitfully in her sleep… she hadn’t updated the coffee latte frappuccino and chocolate salad she had when she went out on Friday night to her Instagram, the horror of it! Tasmiyah would probably have hot pictures put up of her night out, damn it. Was that salad even Halaal if she hadn’t taken a picture.

Nevermind, she had taken out a pretty awesome Jummah selfie with her Hanayen on. It was such a hawt pic, it didn’t even look like her. She smiled and dozed back to sleep, random thoughts of how to get more likes for her next tweet filling her falling consciousness.

She went to the beach, for coffee, to the mall and met up with a few friends over the weekend. She pretty much did the same thing during all those events. Sat with her head bent over her phone, updating or with the camera facing her adjusted grimace,taking a selfie or Groufies (with a group.)

The next week…

She jumped in the car when a notification came up to see the pics from Hannah’s wedding, glancing down, she didn’t see the oncoming truck….

She lay there, enshrouded in white. A mother shuddering with sobs. But where were all her friends? The ones she couldn’t stop chatting to? Or updating on all her movements or snapchatting?

Awww,they tweeted and facebooked their condolences. So sweet. They even forwarded a message on watsapp on the virtues of reading for the dead.

Oh Ummat of RasulAllah SAW, let’s Stop the self promotion and advertising, let’s Stop fanning our egos and destroying our lives and confidence by measuring our worth by whose joining our self made fan clubs. Stop the Selfies, stop the tweeting and instagramming of every moment and see how we will find more time to do what matters.

May Allah Ta’aala guide us to live meaningful lives,to read the Quran more than what we read online and to make Real relationships that work in person. Myself first.



6 thoughts on “5 day 5 pic challenge- Advertise Or ?

  1. Excellent…
    I often get the comment that I’m so out of touch cos I don’t have bbm,whatsapp,facebook,twitter,intagram and the list goes on…
    But really, alhamdulillah, life goes on even better without these things and I don’t see where I’m losing out..
    Keep it up sister

    1. if you matter to someone, you’ll be worth more than a text, at least that’s what I think especially when even voice communication is lost and time too 😦 You got it the right way sis,mashaAllah

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