5 day 5 pic challenge

Having sisters means having friends who live under the same roof as you. Who you can get to be horrible to 😉  but you have to end up talking to each other and eventually even forget what it was that bugged you about her as you laugh over a lame joke no one else will get. Your sisters, are your best friends and worst critics. Your pins to an ego that dare inflates and your wings that lift you when you’re scared of flying.

Allah Ta’aala has blessed us with sisters that not only share the same parents as us but those that are joined to us by blood- our cousins. Our first circle of friends. Our cheerleaders. When together… it’s suddenly a celebration for no reason, Alhamdulilah.

It is said in a hadith that you get along with those your soul got along with in the realm of souls ,so our sisters by heart and soul- our friends. Who make our lives brighter and sweeter even though we may not meet as often as we wish to, knowing they are there ,makes a difference. SubhanAllah, sisters-and-friends


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