5 Story 5 Day Challenge

Musjidun Nabi

All pain recedes… thinking of you…

reciting salawaat your way…

the night of my heart breaks into day.

I am here but what I call home

Is there near the Green Dome

My Fridays I will treasure

And read salaam on you without measure

And those who lie next to you,how can I ever forget?

The Siddeeq and The Faruq

Allah’s happiness pouring on them

Their joy will know no end

The path to Jannah is indeed in following the footsteps of the Sunnah

So let’s put down our phones and our ruh we can hone

with salawat and salaam,

let’s pause our kalaam (talk/chat/googling)

and make this Jum’ah count…


https://randomshortstories18.wordpress.com/ has challenged me to post 5 pictures and 5 thoughts/ stories along with it and to pass it on.

Of course the first blog I’d like to pass the challenge onto is my favourite-



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