Do you have a headache? Part 1

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

You know those days when you plan to have fun or to be productive and you’re hit with a headache out of the blue and you find it hard to smile even though everyone else seems to be having fun at the party ?
Or you see your day disintegrating into “wasted” because you just couldn’t knuckle down to anything?

Even though it’s only the head that’s paining, the whole body seems to be taking a vacation.

Similar are we as Muslims.(Do read to the end even if you lost interest at this point and thought oh no, another sad story:) We have our Muslim brothers and sisters who were just like you and I,but now between us and them lies the great divide of freedom. They’re imprisoned and we may walk,talk,eat and go where we wish without any restraint. We have no one torturing us. We are not imprisoned unjustly or ripped away from our families for years.

Alhamdulilah,prisoners are getting freed slowly from Gitmo. Don’t stop the duas(prayers) and campaigns.

When Shaker(Shaakir) Aamer was thrown into Gitmo, his son was born. Father and child have never met. His small kids are now teens. Thirteen years have passed,not a single charge against him.

Please take 60 seconds and Please!sign on the petition.Spread the word! If you can donate,do so,if not,khair.

Let’s help Shaker get his happy ever after and go home to his family.

Let’s ask ourselves, on the day of Qiyamah,if we are asked, what did we do for the oppressed, what will we answer?

May Allah accept this on our right scales,ameen


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