Charlie’s Nonsense&The Sunnah.

JazakAllah for the duas and support-A special shout out to sister silentliving-my wordpress reply system is still buggered up,so I’ll have to use this platform to reply.May Allah accept all your good efforts and intentions Ameen

To Ummi Zaid, DokhtorSaap & Ukhti Y,you remain my inspiration not only to blog but to live as a better person.May Allah bless you’ll always and keep you’ll safe and sound in both lives.

When I emerged from hospital,it was to news that the world had just gotten a lil worse for wear. It was an effort to answer a call or comprehend a text,so there was no idea of what was going on. That’s when you realise how little we matter in the greater scheme of things.Especially our text wars.

Apparently there was a “Muslim Militant” attack on the satirical newspaper ‘Charlie Hebdo’. A paper who took pains to mock Islam and the beloved Nabi SAW. While I do not believe that Muslims were behind the attacks,and no true Muslim can ever kill in such a manner,unlike the christian crusaders of today who count loss of Muslim civilian lives as “a mistake”, It is important for us not to chant Je Suis Charlie(I am Charlie.)

To say we are Charlie ,means that we okay with them representing Nabi SAW,the best of all mankind,as a terrorist and a grotesque character.Not only was he beautiful physically but also morally. A Sahabi looked at the full moon and at Nabi SAW and determined that the luminescence of Nabi SAW out-lit the brilliance of the moon. What can we say about a man,who taught us simple things,like toilet hygiene which the west still hasn’t managed to learn and taught us something basic as washing of hands before eating,which is now being taught in all 3rd world countries as a preventative measure against most diseases?

A man who showed what is true women’s rights and gave her respect,when today the UN has to charter bills to try and stop man from abusing women?

A man who stood at night and cried for us,so that we may be saved from Jahannum.How can we Not love him?

The west and those that follow them,can never understand how and why we love him so much,when they mock their own religion. In France, loose morals,drinking,drugs,clubbing and a heady lifestyle,became popular a long ,long time ago. It is not the city of love but the city well known for cheating and zina. Now, to have a religion grow there,whose core is crystal pure,can we understand why they can’t stand Islam?

If blacks were insulted,it would be racism,if Jews were insulted,it would have been decried and protested vehemently as Anti Semitism,if I made fun of unnatural gays,I’d be called homophobic BUT TO INSULT ISLAM-IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH???? I AM NOT CHARLIE and never will be.InshaAllah.

While I lay sick,to even read the kalima was difficult in those excruciating moments but reading Salawaat was the easiest and brought a soothing comfort.I can never forgot that.

While we protest the cartoon portrayals- remember it is even More important for us to practice the sunnah of Nabi SAW. We have many blogs which have been encouraging us-silent living,Journeyinajournal,myjourneyintotheunknown- let’s use it to improve our quality of life and build a closer relationship to Allah and Nabi SAW.

Je Suis Muslim.

The heart of our Nabi hurts,not at the insult of a non Muslim who does not know him but at the “it’s just a sunnah” comment from the lips of a believer


2 thoughts on “Charlie’s Nonsense&The Sunnah.

  1. Aah.. Alhamdulillah.. Jx so much.. I haven’t had a chance to follow up on posts and only catching up now and realised that you’ve mentioned me here.. Not once, but twice.. Alhamdulillah.. I feel honoured… But whether you’ve mentioned me or not, my sincerest duas are that Allah grants you great health and strength inshallah…
    With regards to mr charlie and the craziness going on.. To me its like the 9/11 case.. So many people who didn’t know about islam got to know more and islam spread widely.. Inshallah if we make effort to educate people about islam in the correct manner, this incident will also be a means of many more flocking to islam. No matter what we say, this was already predestined by Allah.. He has true wisdom behind it all

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