In a split second

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Asalamu alaikum to the readers who have been coming back despite no post in almost a month. The irony is I used to be one of those who would get frustrated with bloggers that don’t….well,blog.

When I began the story of TWO DROPS, I never intended it to be used as any personal medium for reflections etc but to work towards unraveling the story of Muslim prisoners,especially those languishing in Gitmo and to open the doors of hidden stories.

And they plan ,and Allah plans and HE is the best of Planners.- Qur’an.

I was enjoying a beautiful hot summer’s month and everything was full of things to make shukr for. And suddenly I woke up one morning in December and was attacked by a raging fever that spiraled into other things. In a split second,life changed for me. Suddenly I didn’t know whether I was dead or alive or inbetween the specter of life and death. Overnight, I became a child who couldn’t even eat or talk properly without it seeming like a mammoth task.

Thus my dear readers, I advice us all, to make so much optional ibadat while in good health, that if ever struck with the difficulty of even being able to make zikr,we shall be rewarded for what we cannnot do. Enjoy and make time for family and friends because they will be there for you. Their hearts full of concern and dua that will pull you through.

As I get bursts of energy,I will blog inshaAllah.Perhaps put the story on hold for now because I need to write things that help me heal and make me happy, so perhaps we shall touch on the happy ever afters till further notice.

I sincerely ask for your duas as my game got flipped upside down. For those undergoing any suffering, my heart is genuinely is with you and for those enjoying good health, make the most of it,please.In all the right ways. Shukr. To be able to eat, walk,sleep,talk is a challenge at the moment. Every day is a small but big victory,that I can achieve another milestone. Please,do make dua for me. You will always be in mine.

Lastly, do not forget those in prison. We will never give up hoping,not on insaan’s ability but Allah Taala’s mercy. Give charity on their behalf,may Allah make it a means of their freedom and the protection of our health and our loved ones.

Treasure our parents, when the tables are turned left side right, they’ll be there besides you,inshaAllah.


One thought on “In a split second

  1. May Allah grant you complete shifa so that you are fit and well enough to serve His deen once again. I have truly benefitted from this blog. I learnt things that I never was interested in before and it has given me even more yearning to make my kids the true soldiers of islam.mujaahideen!
    My heartfelt dua is that Allah gives you complete shifa and strength and reward you for every moment that you are down. It is a test from Allah and Allah only test whom He loves.

    Keep us posted regarding your recovery..
    A muslim is like one body, when the eye is in pain, the entire body hurts…

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