Two Drops- Chapter 2

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

“Nobody stay in this house except me what?? Answer the phone bloody! … Juned! Tahiya! Gadhera! Saala sab bhera hain,all the bloody deaf.” Where were my children? Couldn’t they do a simple thing like pick up the phone?
Trrrrinnng…. “I am coming,make the sabr…Hellloo?” I answered the phone that wouldn’t stop ringing.
“Slaamlaikum Aslam …kaise hain? How are you beta?” Chaachi,my aunt from Pakistan shrilled into my cordless.
“Areh Chaachi,Wa alaikum salam…acha hu,Aap kaisa hain? Aur Chachoo? How are you and Uncle?” I replied
After a few minutes of catching up on the varying conditions of the health and wealth of Laala Chaacha,Bhanja ,bhanjee,Lalli,Chotipoopi and the rest of my small family of 62 members,
what the weather was like on both sides and grumbling about a few politicians, Chaachi eventually began stuttering. A sure sign that something was up. “Your uncle wants to the talk to you beta… Javed! Aslam phone par hain,aaoona,

My Uncle obediently came onto the line.

…… “Asalamlaikum Aslam Bhanja…Kaisa hu? Sab teek hain?” Chachoo said in his rumbling voice. After exchanging the basic How-are-you-I’m-Okay’s- he dived straight into his point.
“Aslam…I saw your name of you in newsclip on internet…not good, not good. Sadiq bhai told us that you are the marching and protesting for the Fergi…fergii…”
“Ferguson.” I stated flatly. Damn that Sadiq Bhai. You can live halfway across the world and what you do will still get to your family’s ears.

“Ha beta,Yes the same one, Ferguson. Your father is off now,may he be in Jannah,ameen. So I am like your father. Take the advice from me beta, you shouldn’t let yourself come in paper and media…is asking for trouble…look what happen to your cousin Umair… and besides, woh bhas karya logh hain…tum isko maamla meh kya hai? Sirf karya hain…hamara logh nahi hain, don’t put your life in the danger for them.”

I silently raged. “They’re not JUST black people Chachoo! They’re human! Bilal RA was also black and he was one of the greatest Sahaba,some of the Ambiyaa like Idrees AS were black too. The white people whose shoes we kiss, they treated these people so bad that it exploded into this. When Muhammad Ali was going to come to Pakistan back in the day, you got very excited because he was rich and famous huh? But poor blacks are just goonda logh? Thugs? We are Muslim, we must stand for justice like our Nabi SAW taught us. And as for colour… Your sons look darker than many Afro Americans I met here…”

After swearing me and saying I lost all my respect since I came to stay in Amrika,(why he never say how I lose all my money sending it to them every 3 months,hmpf.) He banged the phone down on me. I was cross and went to get a glass of water like our Nabi SAW taught us too…so that we cool off.

I won’t forger what Abu Bakr RA decalred. Today I exchange a white slave with a black heart for a black slave with a white heart. SubhanAllah, praise be to our Allah who looks at what is within us,not what is on us that we had no choice in.

As I went towards the kitchen, I heard music. It sounded like it was coming from my house. MY HOUSE! I ran up the stairs and went past all the children’s rooms to see who was the suspect. “JUNED!” I roared and banged on his door. “I’m busy pops.” He said.
“Pops tera baap! Open door now or I break it and break your teeth too as bonus.”
He opened it.
“What the hells? You are playing music??? Are you alright? How many the times I told you it is for unlegal for us to listen to it,how many times!”
“Illegal,not unlegal Pops.” He drawled.
“Chup kar! Shut the mouths! You are correcting my English, why you don’t correct your akhlaaq! Whole day sit on this bloody tube tube and do what? When are you going to get a proper job,tell for me?” I was livid.
“Well…if you calm down…you’ll understand what a genius your son is. I am going to be…wait for it! A Youtuber! Make mega bucks while living the life and I wont even have to work a day coz I’ll love what I’m doing. Simple”
“Simple is your face. Taubah Taubah… What kind of seasoning is this?”
“You mean reasoning.”
“Don’t be the too smart here lazy boy. Want to be Youtubber and what not. Whole day make stupid plank videos and brown people like this and that… Is that your goal? You bloody start paying the rents and then talk about Youtub.”
“Not plank, prank…anyways you wouldn’t get it …but one day when I’m rich ,you’ll see.” Juned said
“I’ll see what? How you won’t worry for your mother and father? How all your values dead? Look at Sulaiman…what a good boy. How many times you read namaz….” I saw his forced bored expression and softened my tone…”beta…I am not telling you all this because I want you to be in the mystery but because I want door of jannah to open easy for you…’

“Yeah okay…” He said looking down. I put my hand on his shoulder,it was hard for me to do it but I promised someone I would try to do the right thing…I only wished he was here to see it.
As I walked away, Juned said, “Its misery,not mystery Abbu.” And winked at me. I playfully twisted his ears. “Too the bloody smart my son is but I also know the english”

Later that day,Juned came thundering down the stairs. “Abbu, you have to come see this now!”
We both ran up to his room. “What is different here? It still look like 3 buffaloes came to make huwawar here.” I sniffed.
“No man,look at this ,on the laptop…Sulaiman? Your cousin Umair’s son? You think he’s all that and so good with his big beard and 5 time salaah but look… he’s been caught as part of a terrorist network ,they say he’s part of Al-Qaeda…”
I felt my the floor move beneath me. Father and son! After all that I did to his father, I taught that doing the right thing by Sulaiman would somehow help me rebalance the scales of my conscience.
Sometimes we do a sin and we pay our whole lives…
“Ya Allah, Ya Kareem…Everything is in Your Hands My Rabb”, I cried as I collapsed onto the musalla… “Nothing is impossible with You, No Rockefeller,Rothschild is greater than Your planning and power. You release Umair and Sulaiman and every innocent person from the zaalim oppressors”

The Messenger of Allah SAW said, “The supplication of a Muslim for his brother in his absence will certainly be answered. Everytime he makes a supplication for good for his brother, the angel appointed for this particular task says: `Ameen! May it be for you, too’.” [Muslim].

After some time on the musalla…I picked up the phone…there was someone I needed to talk to ASAP.
But before I did that I gave Juned one nice tamacho, “Ask me why I give you the one nice tight slap?”

To be continued…

(for anyone wanting to know more about Ferguson(:

A Muslim is just inspite of his prejudices Shaitan whispers into his heart.


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