in awe of the kind and enthusiastic words of encouragement. JazakumuLLah katheer. May Allah reward you all immensely. Especially Journey admin who gave the platform and inspiration for this story to take off.

Sincerely request duas to remain sincere and consistent and to achieve the aim of writing and researching “Two Drops” (odd name but inshaAllah,soon the reason will be revealed). Yes it is based on true life mujaahideen,American soldiers, politicians and students as well as ordinary people whose lives got turned upside down.

The media always feeds us one ,standard version of the Muslim world, this story hopes to change the force-fed info we have been handed.

Lastly but very importantly…I cannot comment on any other blogs anymore ,neither on this one! Weird wordpress!

So if someone could please help me out,I’d be very, very grateful. I think the problem is that the pc used to host this blog was also used to host other blogs and therefore is insisting this account is logged into that one when that is not the case…Do help!

Once again,JazakAllah for the feedback! Mucho gracias


2 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Assalaamualaikum W. W

    I really do support this blog wholeheartedly. I am glad that there ARE people out there who recognize n realise the deliberate lies and coverup of the media. That all that glitters is not gold. And I’m also very glad that these people speak up and out against injustice.. So thumbs up to tr author!!!n keep up the good work.
    May This be a source of Pleasure to Allah JJ n May He accept… Aameen…

    Was salaam
    Ps: even tho I may not comment often do know that I look forward to new inspiring posts…

  2. I had some major issues with wordpress in the beginning of the year aswel… And ever since I downloaded wordpress for mobile its actually quite much more of a blessing… Try it and inshallah it should help out
    Hope it comes right soon inshallah

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