Ma Lie Lie

How does the story of little courageous Malala tie into the vast epic that is the Pipelandistan Saga?

…either you’re with the future that Malala represents or you are with the future that they (the terrorists) are trying to impose” CNN

Madonna get’s into theMalala act

Now that they’ve ironed out the official story (no, she wasn’t shot in the neck like the doctor (Tariq Mohammad) who treated her at the main hospital in Mingora said multiple times) and successfully cropped out the images of her and her father (uncle?) running to board a military helicopter while her brain was supposedly swelling, it’s time to put the Malala Yoursafzai psyop to use for it’s intended purpose.

Anyone hearing echos of Kony2012? You should.


Is this a turning point? Does this allow Pakistan to do what it has to go after these people?” CNN

The global PR campaign is now underway full steam ahead, and frankly, it’s offensive to the point of sickening. Beyond sickening.

This little girl stands for every little girl, every woman” CNN

The United States (and by that I mean the Carlyle Group, Unocal, Exxon, Chevron, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Barclays, BP, Bank of England, Royal Dutch Shell, etc) wants to clear the path for their stalled Trans Afghan Pipeline(Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI)) while they wish to stop Gasprom from building the last stage, the Pakistani stage, of the Iran-Pakistan pipeline, a.k.a. the Peace Pipeline which is set to begin construction by Russian crews in December of this year with completion targeted for 2014.

The problem is the Taliban. They had worked a deal with the Taliban from ’95-’98 to build the massive pipeline which would bring LNG and oil from the Caspian Sea basin to the developing India/Pakistan territories but unfortunately, the investors insisted that U.S. troops be stationed in Afghanistan to protect their investments along the route of the pipeline. The Taliban wanted assurances that they be officially recognized as the legitimate government in Afghanistan. Negotiations broke down.

Back in those halcyon days, the Clinton and Bush regimes didn’t give a rat’s ass about little Malala’s “rights” (since they certainly don’t give a shit about ours). All they cared  about was a pipeline deal. Everyone knows that liquid gold is going to be pumped into the neoliberalized free-trade zones of India and South China while the American tax-payers foot the bill in the interests of “national security”. The question is, who can promise the most stable and secure means by which to transport it? And who can do it for less?

Time is running out. The people of this country don’t want another war for oil. Enter little courageous Malala.

When was the last time you actually heard a politician or a politicians mouthpiece like CNN claim “you’re with us or with the terrorists”? Yes, that’s right, it was when they wanted to go into Iraq to get all that oil. It was when they wanted to start bombing Afghanistan to get rid of the stumbling block to the Trans Afghan Pipeline.

And here it is again.

Let me explain something to you folks… for any of you fretting, gnashing your teeth over this clearly staged little well timed psyop, I want to put together some photosfor you. After all, you’re all so morally superior to the rest of us “conspiracy theorists” out here who dare to wonder about the facts of this case, I’ll give some other examples of dead little children of which there are NO QUESTIONS as to their fate.

And oh, by the way, they weren’t killed by the Taliban, they were killed by President Peace Prize, Barack Obama after he chose to slaughter them in one of his “Terror Tuesdays” meetings.


Want to see more? There are hundreds of little kids killed by Obama’s drones for you to get indignant about. Go take a look.

And you are all up in arms about this? Really?

It’s true, you are with us or with the terrorists. You just gotta figure out who is who.