9/11 and now

A decade and two years since 9/11 and while there was tears,commemorations and memorial services held for the few that died in lower Manhattan that fateful day… I wonder who will cry for the innocent Afghani’s that never even heard of the twin towers yet were bombed to death. 

I wonder who will cry for the innocent locked in Guantanamo 

For those in brutal Bagram

And those in wicked Abu Ghraib

I wonder who will give them back their lost years

I wonder who will place the pieces of their shattered lives together again

I wonder who will realize John Walker Lindh was just a perfect scapegoat and let him go free

I wonder who will give back them their stolen youth

I wonder who will realise this is not a war on terror but a war on justice

by America. With “love” and “peace” and “UN backed policies”

I wonder when the media houses will stop prostituting their souls to the corporates and governments.

I wonder how the oppressor will scream in pain when tossed like a rag doll,stripped of his puny worldly power into hellfire. 

Peace be on the oppressed the world over.Image