Ways to save the change. Step3- Carry on

I know of someone who as soon as they make a firm resolution to give up a sin, that sin comes towards them like a tsunami and they’re like why, why??!. Why? Because shaitan and nafs don’t want us to impove. If we are knocked down by sin and fitnah,don’t stay down. Don’t fall apart.

The Prophet ﷺ said: “Whoever repents before the death reaches his throat, Allah will accept it from him” (reported by Ahmad and Al-Tirmidhi) and “Whoever repents before the sun rises in the West, Allah will accept his repentance” (reported by Muslim)

114 Surahs of the Quran Kareem by expressing Allah’s mercy, not once but twice. The intensity of HIS rahma (mercy) is so deep, that only one portion has been given to this world and is the base of all acts of kindness between creation even between a mother and child.

Kwajha Majzubul Hasan AR wrote a beautiful poem which means, Oh Allah if a 100 times I break my knot of tauba, a hundred times I’ll retie it. (it sounds so much sweeter in the original, English doesn’t quite cut the intensity of poetry) We slip , we err ,we shatter rock solid resolutions and changes in a split second BUT remember when we fall, we get up. Same with sin, we have fell spiritually, don’t let shaitan deceive us that’s it, I’ll never be able to be pious or better as a Muslim.

make sincere tauba (remorse+ firm intention not to repeat the sin)and carry on walking with your head held up high and a heart full of hope. If we spoke harshly to someone or lied or made gheebat, don’t let it be the fisrt step in returning to our same old,same old social habits, say sorry sincerely, make tauba and move on.

Allah Himself tells us never to lose hope. So why should we? Yesterday’s caterpillar is today’s butterfly.

If a hundred times I break my knot of Tauba, then a hundred times I will retie it…Insha’Allah

Beautiful video attached. Watch and be inspired,Ameen.