Ways to save the change. Step2- The Rope.

If we want to talk to Allah Ta’ala, read Salaah and when we want Allah to talk to us, read the Qur’an.

There is no better way to get connected to Allah Our Beloved,than via what came from HIM.
The Qur’an is a rope of light and love from Allah.

Let’s say we were motivated to read Qur’aan Kareem for half-an-hour on a daily basis in Ramadhaan. But now that it’s over, we feel sluggish, lazy and want to give it up. Yet, we wanted to maintain this habit after the blessed month was over.

Instead of trying to read Qur’aan Kareem for the same amount of time, reduce the time period to as much as we are initially able to do, even if it’s just ten or twenty minutes a day.

If you keep up this ‘ten minutes a day’ habit, Inshaa-ALLAH TA’ALA, you will see the amount of Qur’aan Kareem you read will increase slowly but gradually, perhaps even surpassing your Ramadhaan maximum in the long-term, Inshaa-ALLAH !

If our dear one writes a letter in a language we don’t fathom, we will make every effort to get it translated. Our Ultimate Beloved has given us a 144 chapter letter,which if we read and practice on,will build our Paradise and save us from destruction. From now till next Ramadhan,set aside time to also learn what is the message of the Qur’an. remember to take from authentic teachers and tafseers.

Here is a gem above, a snippet of the most beautiful of stories,with the transaltion by Shaikh Shuraim- Surah Yusuf!