Show me the funny


Post 9/11 Muslim comedians sprung up like wild mushrooms in a forest. Initially it was to break and combat the stereotyping of being branded grim, long faced scowling terrorists. Good intentions. Every comedian will quickly declare that Nabi SAW had a sense of humour and joked but what about researching the other aspects of his blessed life comedian saap?

As happens when we don’t swim within the limits of Allah’s guidance, the content became shaded with mockery at the practices of Deen and some popular comedians even take a swipe at the sacred words of the beloved SAW. Why? Just for that ego trip that the laughter You caused brings.

New comedians always talk about how the comedy circuit is a dog eat dog world with giant egos clashing. In opposite to that, Deen advices us that the crave for fame brings spiritual destruction and seeking humility brings  respect in the court of Allah.

No, we don’t have to walk around like we just choked on 10 pounds of lemon but we are an ummah of moderation,not excess. For it is moderation that creates vision and achievement in both lives but all we think of when it comes to moderation is to be less strict on ibaadat and consuming halaal… 

Here is the thoughts of a giant of Islam regarding the phenomena of Muslim comedians;

Humour was a part of the Messenger’s sallallahu alaihi wasallam life. That humour and the subsequent laughter was the product of everyday situations that he encountered and through humour cracked the shell of life’s rigidity. The method was educational yet light hearted.
Making laughter the objective, rather than the by product of education, has been severely condemned in Islam. ” Excessive laughter deadens the heart”. ” If you knew what I knew,you would cry more and laugh less”. Are among numerous prophetic sayings . Hence a comedian’s role on stage is to make people laugh. Even if his lines are full of wit and life lessons, the fact that his very persona is connected with laughter is negative.    

Smile in excess, that was the sunnah.

Laugh in moderation

And cry alot.

The heart will then be like a magnet to the mercy of Allah.