How the Taliban came into existence.




After the Russians slunk away and out of Afghanistan after 10 years of fighting, Afghanistan fell into a bloody,gruesome civil war. There were warlords who had depraved soldiers under them whose only way of life was raping ,killing and kidnapping children for evil purposes. ( They still do this, only now with the blessings of America), on the other hand were the students and teachers of Darul Ulooms which were Sunni in ideology. Many of the warlords were shia, and a shia by the very belief system they go by, are Not Muslim.

These teachers and students left their classrooms in the 80’s to fight on the frontlines of the jihad against the Russians. Now that the Russians were gone, they went back to the classroom to complete their studies.

Hereunder is an account of what happened in the 90’s by Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi;

Taliban is the plural word of students in our language;  so a group of students started a movement called the Movement of Students. It first started in a village in the southern province of Afghanistan, called Kandahar. It happened when a war-lord, or a commander abducted two minor girls, raped them, and the parents of those girls went to a school and asked the teacher of the school to help them. The teacher of that school Mullah Umar along with his 53 students, finding only 16 guns, went and attacked the base of that commander. After releasing those two girls, they hanged that commander, and so many of their [the commander’s] people were also hanged. This story was told everywhere; and this was called the terrorist story of the Taliban, or the Students. BBC also quoted this story. Seeing or hearing this story, many other students joined this movement and started disarming the rest of the warlords, who were worse than these. I will not prolong this story so far, this same students’ movement controls 95% of the country; they captured the capital, including the four major cities. And only a bunch of those warlords are remaining in the northern corridor of Afghanistan. The very same who are called the Northern Alliance.

May Allah show us what is what is true and not true in a world drowning in lies. But what I do know for sure in the words of Shaikh Anwar AlAwlaki AR-

“Every era had a firaun and the firaun of this era is America.”

Firaun used his magicians to spread his propoganda, till Imaan came to the hearts of the magicians, and America uses her media to spread it’s propaganda. We should make dua for the hidayat of all mankind,even our oppressors. When hidayat comes, all oppression will cease.