Ramadhaan Reflections-Who is so brave to oppose Umar RA?


When our beloved RasulAllah SAW was born,a light filled the earth. As soon as he left this world, that light disappeared and the first threads of darkness began appearing. After Abu Bakr RA,with the help of Allah, untangled the weeds of baatil that tried to tentacle Islam, things were on a more firmer footing and the Siddeeq closed his eyes for the last time passing the reigns to Umar bin Khattaab RA.

It was Umar RA who when he walked on a path and if shaitan was present,the devil himself would run from Umar RA.

It was Umar who strode into the haram after submitting his heart to Allah,loudly proclaiming his faith&challenging anyone who had a problem with that! All the men in the haram scattered to the corners and none dared to object.

Umar RA’s reign as Khalifa was one of peace and prosperity. He set up madaaris’s, clinics, a postal system, welfare trust, pension aid…all this while Europeans were still running around in their animal skins.

Now that there was no teacher SAW among them who received guidance directly from Allah regarding matters, so there had to be conformity and a proper guideline as to how to practice and establish Deen, especially with the growing number of reverts. Islam could not be open to the interpretation of individuals according to their individual experiences.

So Umar RA set down that taraweeh be in Jamaat and Ubay Bin Kaa’b RA was appointed to lead it in Madina. 20 Rakaats. Not 8. Not 11.

It was Umar RA, that man who would be concerned about something and Allah would reveal verses of the Holy Quran in collaboration with his thoughts. This same Umar, asked the women to remain home and read Salaah as the purity present in the time of Nabi SAW was no longer there.

When Umar RA decided that taraweeh was established, in Musjidun Nabawi and in the haram of Makkah, not a single Sahabi opposed it. 20 Rakaats have been read in the haramain during every night of Ramadhan for over a Millennium, uptil today. And now we say…no it’s not 20,it’s 8.

Nabi SAW said; If there was ever to be a nabi after me,it would have been Umar. Indicating the foresight, taqwa & wisdom of Ibn Khattab RA.

Do we think we are better,more pious and more learned than the one who rests next to the beloved SAW till the day of Qiyamah?

If we are reading 8…what are we doing in the remainder of that time? If we are so particular about conforming to Authentic Hadith, then were is our conformity to trying to better ourselves spiritually?

In academic debate where we have half baked knowledge,have we not lost the sparks of nur?

If we claim to follow the pious predecessors, so that we can practice a pure Deen, then does it not make sense to follow those that the beloved himself SAW called the best generation…The Sahaba RA?

And the Sahaba RA read more than 8 & 11 Rakaats…in the musjid,with jama’at. And the female Sahabia after  a few years began abstaining from the Eid Salaah.

Yet we think we are better than those who were the best after the Ambiyaa AS. If we find a veil of darkness in our heart, we should adjust the compass,it’s not too late.