We only live twice. Ramadhaan Reflections

Imagine if we spent as much time with our Qurans as we do with our phones?

We fast and stay away from food only to go overboard during sehri and supper,defeating the objective of fasting. For a full stomach brings laziness and disinclination to Ibaadat and attraction to sin.

Allah has taken a kasam on time that man is at a loss. If we spend our time incorrectly or in useless pursuits, then how will we achieve our goal of getting close to Allah? How will we be saved from the curse of Jibraeel AS and the Ameen of Nabi SAW to that curse,- on the one who is not forgiven by the end of Ramadhan. Due to how the person spent his/her time.

We only live twice. Let’s use this life to create a happy life in the next one.

Oh Allah we ask YOU for Your Love and for the love of those that YOU love and (make us do the) actions that will make us attain Your Love.

Allahumma inna nas’aluka Hubbak wa Hubba mai yuhibbuk wal amalall lazhee yuballighuna HubbakImage