All aboard?

Junejo was the prime minister of Pakistan during Zia Ul Haqq’s time as president. Against Zia’s orders he went ahead (as representative of Pakistan) and signed the Geneva Accords with America& Russia.

What were the Geneva Accords?- In simple terms, it was the tail end of the Soviet-Afghan war and they wanted to decide what was to happen to leadership in Afghanistan.


Does that make sense? Russia was losing the war yet still got to have a say in who will run the country after their departure?

There were no Afghans at this meeting. They were not invited to decide how to proceed with running their country.

The Americans,Russians & Junejo wanted an interim communist Government, basically the puppet government they had before the war. Afghan’s who were not Muslim and listened to their masters in Russia ,except now America wanted a share in ownership too.

So Zia Ul Haqq took a brave and firm stand and fired Junejo. The cabinet was dissolved and more worthy members who were not going to bow to America and Russia so easily, were appointed.

And That was were Zia’s time started running out…

Who was this upstart who dared not let his hand be greased by tainted money? Who was this man who dared not follow the great tradition of licking the white master’s shoes? Something had to be done about Zia and his upright new cabinet indeed.

Very soon after this the plane Zia Ul Haqq was on with top members of his cabinet, burst into flames mid-air. All aboard died. Allah alone knows best if it was an accident but there is Not a single person who believed that it was not an orchestrated killing.

Indeed Zia courted danger his whole life and died in the face of it. If you die for standing up for something you believe in, so what? None of us can escape death, indeed you died an honourable death Zia Ul Haqq, for it is better to die a death of honour than live a life of disgrace.

Q.) How will we die?

A.) How we lived.

So what Do we live for?…