Miracles in the midst of the Mujaahideen

Once Khalid Bin Walid RA – The Sword of ALLAH, besieged a fort. The occupants refused to surrender unless he drank poison, he took the name of Allah and consumed it. It did not harm him at all. Karaamat are miracles which occur at the hands of those Muslims who are steadfast on shariah. It usually occurs more often to boost the Imaan of those who witness it. Many such miracles occurred in the 1979 War in Afghanistan.

The following are from the records of our honourable Shaikh Abdullah Azzaam

Moulana Arsalaan was one of the most famous Mujaahid in the whole of

Afghanistan. He had instilled such fear in the hearts of the Russians that

they would conduct briefings about him. They would tell the soldiers that

he eats human flesh.

He narrated to me:

In one particular battle We had only one rocket with us. We thus

performed Salaah and made dua unto Allaah that he should cause this one

rocket to strike the enemy. We were confronted with 200 tanks and a

regiment. We fired the rocket, and it struck the vehicle that was carrying

provisions and explosives. It blew up and destroyed 85 tanks and a

personnel carrier. The enemy were destroyed, and we captured much


I [ Abdullah Azzaam] myself met the young man who fired the rocket.

Moulana Arsalaan narrated to me:

At times, even before the arrival of the attacking Russian aircraft, we were

apprized of the imminent attack. Birds would come and hover above our

troops before the jets arrived. Wherever we would see them hovering, we

would prepare for the attack of the jets.

2. Moulana Abdul Jaleel Haqqam was the most famous Mujaahid of

Afghanistan without exception. He told me:

On numerous occasions I had seen birds flying below the aircrafts,

protecting the Mujaahideen from the shells of the bombers.



Arsalaan narrated to me:

We were at a place called Shatiree. We were 25 Mujaahideen who

confronted two thousand of the enemy (communists). The battle ensued,

and after 4 hours the communists were defeated. Up to 80 of them were

killed and we captured 26.

We said to the prisoners: Why did you people flee? They said: The

American artillery and ammunition bombarded us from all four


Arsalaan says: We had no artillery nor any ammunition. All we had was

our individual rifles. And we were all at one location.

Allah surely helps those who strive for HIM.