there’s a rat amongst us…

pawwithClawsStencilJust like a rat is found where it’s not supposed to be, so too there will always be traitors and sell outs who will give “information” to three letter organizations.

Just like Mamdouh Baltagui who sold out Shaikh Umar Abdur Rahman and claimed the Shaikh was using New York as a base for his terrorist network.  How does Mamdouh sleep at night knowing how the Shaikh suffers?

Just like Dr Amjad Khan, ex husband who sold out on Dr Aafia Siddiqui and claimed she was violent and an extremist and involved in terrorist activities.( now This is one bitter ex,who knows his lies will lead to her torture and imprisonment.)

Just like Jamal AlFadhal who got to live it up in exchange for his “information”  on Al Qaeda he slowly dribbled out. ( smart business idea…)

The character of Aslam Chaudhary in “Heroes” is based on the rats(spies) in Pakistan during the Soviet invasion and uptil now,that got their furry paws on the moola in exchange for the lies they spat from their foul mouths. Fortunately the sunshine of guidance beamed through some of their consciences.