One in a million

The miserable way Zia Ul Haqq is portrayed in the media even in his own country makes me want to go a few rounds with a punching bag. Not surprisingly though for a country ruled by class,a man who came from a middle class background and shot to the top is bound to be disliked even after his death.

Zia Ul Haqq was a man in a million. President of Pakistan from 1978-1988(longest serving head of Pakistan.) He stood up to help the Mujaahideen of Afghanistan unlike the sell-outs in 2001. He established shariah rule which saw a drop in crime and promiscuity.

He built Madressahs and financially helped them. Pakistan’s annual GNP was the highest in the World at that time under his leadership and things were really good for them economically. He got rid of all political parties and implemented a Majlish Shura-(Council of Consultation.)

He brought in Ulama as advisors and people with skills not just people from upper class backgrounds( as was the case with Pakistani politicians)  He dissolved his cabinet and got rid of his prime minister who signed the Geneva Accord with the Americans.

(More on that later in the week)

Here is a poem by a member of the Zia Ul Haqq Shaheed Page.

Zia Ul Haqq-

Some of you hate him because he helped the Mujaahideen

Some of you hate him because he didn’t bow to Amreeka
Some of you hate him because he secured the rights of Sahaba r.a.
Some of you hate him because you wished to see girls of Pakistan in mini skirts

Some of you hate him because he banned wine that numbs you
Some of you hate him because he sent Bhutto to the right place

Some of you hate him because he upheld that our Nabi SAW was the seal of Prophets,therefore the qadianis were not Muslim.
Some of you hate him because media controls your childish brains
Some of you hate him just because your elders hate him.
By God these are some of the reasons due to which I love him!

(bhutto was the president before him who was sentenced to death because Zia Ul Haqq found him guilty of having a hand in a politician’s murder.)