Breaking down history

American History Unveiled.

A)     Young men are forced to sign up across America to enlist for fighting in Vietnam.

B)     Students across the country protest in the wake of Muhammad Ali’s defiance.

C)     A peaceful protest rally is organised at Kent University.

D)     Prior to this the FBI plants a spy amongst the students, Terry Norman who takes pictures of them and sends them to the FBI. He also fired the first shot on the 4th of May 1970 during the protest that caused chaos.

E)      2000 soldiers were present on campus that day. What were they doing there?

F)      Soldiers fire at Unarmed students, leaving young 19 and 20 year old’s dead and some paralyzed for life, in the prime of their youth. No apology is forthcoming and uptil this day, the authorities still paint the students as troublemakers.

And you still believe that America won’t hesitate to kill their own citizens?

The facts of these events are much more brutal than the few points given, you may go to this site for more info. ( Do it after Ramadhan, when time is more accessible J)

These student were protesting because they didn’t want to…

A)     Kill poor innocent people who did Nothing to them.

B)     Die. The Vietnamese skinny and weak as they might be, they were resilient. It annoys me no end when I read of Americans talking about how the Vietnamese killed Americans. Yes because everyone in a country you attack should do nothing in defence but should wait for you to kill them. Hands up, sorry for not being amreekan, let me take your bullet as my atonement.

C)     Die. Again. But this time be killed by their own government. Large tracts of land were sprayed with Agent Orange, a chemical meant to destroy life. The American soldiers on the ground who queried whether they would not be affected too as they were in the same area, were told by authorities that it will only affect the Vietnamese. And.they.believed.that. Clever much.

D)     Go mad. Psychological warfare was used on the soldiers. Many committed suicide or sunk into depression after their time in Vietnam. The same syndromes are witnessed in soldiers who fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia as well. The result of Agent Orange, was cancer,even amongst their children, mental imbalance, severe mood swings and insomnia.

The words of the Roman official who espied the emperor of the Muslim world, Umar RA sleeping peacefully under a tree and uttered in amazement

“O Umar! You ruled. You were just. Thus you were safe. And thus you slept.”

Ring louder than ever.


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