just just.

Lynne Stewart is a lawyer born in 1939 (calculate her age,I’m bad at math:) She has repeatedly took on cases of the poor,downtrodden,unpopular & disliked. A staunch supporter of the freedom of speech for Muslims, she was obviously a cactus in the law&political world. So they decided to shut her up,by accusing her of helping her client, Shaikh Umar Abdur Rahman  facilitate terrorism with his followers. She is imprisoned in Carswell Medical Center, where Dr Aafia Siddiqui is held & there is a current petition for her release as she is suffering cancer. Just over a thousand signature are needed now,clink on to the link and sign, for the sake of humanity which is collapsing onto it’s knees. For a flower of truth in a desert of indifference.Sign. 

Thank you Lynne, for just being just.




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