Just chill Yo

Have fun, you’re young. Famous words.From the time immemorial, the youth played an active part in the building of community. They were given responsibilities & were expected to step up. It was after World War Two, when the concept of “teenagers” and their ensuing drama, irresponsibility & the ideology that teenagers had nothing else to contribute while in school or on campus was created.

The portrayal of the parent- child battle has been portrayed repeatedly on TV,movies,songs & the depiction of teen disrespect wrapped up in funny sitcoms slowly has made telling your seniors the famous Americanism “ I hate you, Mum/Dad, Shut uup”- acceptable.

No wonder one of the rather limp objections to the Taliban when Sayyid Rahamtullah Hashimi visited America was that the Taliban members were too young to engage fruitfully with the UN. Mullah Umar was 40 at the time of being elected leader and Sayyid Hashimi, the ambassador was 23.  Their eloquence & achievements proved that youth is no barrier to leadership. Taliban means Students because it was a group of young students who united a shattered country. And they’re still going strong.

The youth are not the leaders of tomorrow. They are the leaders of Today. When we stop making excuses for them& push them forward, they will fly.


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