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Narcissistic =Selfies.

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Photography has taken the world by storm. Prominent people are captured in photos. Capturing a photo means capturing a memory. Capturing a memory is reminscing over the moment in the future.
Look at selfies for example, people will take selfies for what? You can’t even say comfort because that doesn’t make sense.
And now Snapchat released a new dog face feature, what even? Why would you lower or rather degrade yourself to the face of a dog.
“And I will command them and they will change the creation of Allah…” (Surah Nisa)

Will you consume pork? Never, why would you ask such a despicable question.

Oh but dear, why are you capturing images of animate objects.

I am quite saddened at the state of the Ummah today. As I scroll through my Instagram feed, almost every picture is a selfie. It is quite saddening. What has happened to this Ummah?

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